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Trip to Muji

Muji is a store that offers a wide variety of inexpensive quality items from stationary to household items and apparels. Perfect for your everyday life at...

9/23 5pm
First Six Weeks Orientation: Self Care Check-In

Required for Foundation Students: Members of the Counseling and Wellness Center will provide tips for balancing your new academic courseload, work...

9/23 7pm
Fall 2019 Photo Lecture Series: Mimi Plumb

The MassArt Photography Department is proud to announce the first speaker for the Fall 2019 Photography Lecture Series: Mimi Plumb. Photographer Mimi Plumb...

9/24 2pm
Italy Travel Course Info Session

Start in Turin Italty, travel to Bologna, Florence, and make your own shoes in a former convent on a hilltop in Tuscany! Learn the design processes of...

9/24 6:30pm
First Six Weeks Orientation: Student Engagement at MassArt

This session will review the many different ways you can become engaged outside of the classroom/studio from on-campus jobs to attending campus events to...

9/30 7pm

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Chloe Zaug

Chloe Zaug left a positive review 7/15/2019

Loved having a thoughtful discussion that was culturally relevant and applied to my job here at MassArt. Look forward to future events.

Lynn Tibbets

Lynn Tibbets left a positive review 7/15/2019

The discussion needed a question or thesis to stimulate involvement. This is similar but different from suggesting "study questions". Of course, maybe it will unfold differently from the more accessible readings. I appreciate the (new!) "institutional" attention to facilitation and group norms - holy crap - what good ideas! I was surprised when the question "how does this discussion help us serve the students?". It is a fine question, but I actually thought we were about smashing patriarchy and structural racism, which is considerably bigger than improving what we do every day. Let's say out loud what we're trying to do, and where to focus. Both is fine, "do a better job" as the focus is way too narrow and kafka-esque for me. Keep meeting, keep making them better, try everything (books, films, speakers, etc). Keep up the good work, friends!

Jason Fairchild

Jason Fairchild left a positive review 5/7/2019

Using letterpress posters as the vehicle for augmented reality is sharp. This type of hybrid media is perfect, great idea.

Nicky Enriquez

Nicky Enriquez posted a photo 3/29/2019

Jocelyn McElrath

Jocelyn McElrath left a positive review 4/26/2018

It was an amazing turn out. Loved hearing Ekua speak and see so many attendees. Events like this should happen more often.