MassArt Board of Trustees meeting

In accordance with the Open Meeting Law (MG.L. Chapter 30A, Section 18-25), the following meeting is posted:

There will be a meeting of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Board of Trustees on Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 from 4:15-6:15pm in the Huntington Studio on the 3rd floor of the Design and Media Center at 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.


Below is the anticipated agenda, subject to change:




1.      Call to order

2.      Adoption of the agenda

3.      Consideration of the minutes of prior meetings: September 24, 2019

4.      Report of the president

5.      Report of the chair

a.      Report of the student trustee

6.      Report of the standing committees

a.      Academic and Student Affairs Committee

                                                i.     VOTE 20-05: To approve the recommended sabbatical leaves

1.      Suzanne Barnes, Illustration                           F20

2.      Matthew Connors, Photography                    AY20/21

3.      Tammy Dudman, Film/Video                         F20

4.      Lars Fischer, Industrial Design                        F20

5.      Lois Hetland, Art Education                            S21

6.      Matthew Hincman, Fine Arts 3D                   AY20/21

7.      Stuart Diamond, Fine Arts 2D                        F20

8.      Juan Ormaza, Studio Foundation                   AY20/21

9.      James Read, Industrial Design                        S21

10.    Katie Riel, Library                                           S21

11.    John Russell, History of Art                            F20

12.    Maura Smyth, Liberal Arts                             S21

13.    Amber Tourlentes, Studio Foundation           S21

14.    Margot Zurakowska, Illustration                   S21

b.      Administration and Finance Committee

                                                i.     VOTE 20-06: To accept the FY20 fiscal operations report thru 9/30/19

                                               ii.     VOTE 20-07: To accept the inclusion of the FY19 Foundation audit into the MassArt college audit, approved last month

                                              iii.     VOTE 20-08: To approve the engagement of O’Connor & Drew for the next MassArt audit

                                              iv.     VOTE 20-09: To approve the rates for PCE’s Art New England and summer youth programs, effective summer 2020. Furthermore, to request that the president, the provost, and the institutional advancement department consider fundraising for financial aid to address the needs of these programs.

                                               v.     VOTE 20-10: To approve the graduate program’s AY2021 Boston Low Residency MFA fees as presented.

                                              vi.     VOTE 20-11: To approve the recommended FY2021 housing fees

c.       Development Committee

d.      External Affairs Committee

e.      Executive Committee

                                                i.     Report on action taken on 10/11/19 under delegation of authority to approve the FY19 independent financial audit for MassArt (Log 20-04)

                                               ii.     VOTE 20-12: To approve a capital project proposal as per DCAMM and BHE requirements that outlines all of the urgent emergency and failure prevention needs in the context of the overall capital needs of the college and explains that MassArt would be fixing the highest priority items with the money provided by the state through this submission.

                                              iii.     Report on Campus Health: a comprehensive overview of student well-being on campus, including yearly reports

7.      Other Business

8.      Adjournment

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 4:15pm to 6:15pm

Huntington Studio

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