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This hybrid event is an opportunity for the MassArt community to share their expertise, curiosities, ideas and concerns related to recent developments in generative Artificial Intelligence tools and how they will influence our mission and our curriculum at MassArt. The event will be a day-long marathon of short presentations, ending with an opportunity to discuss amongst ourselves. Our hope is that these conversations will help MassArt draft a Generative AI policy statement with use guidelines that respect the College's mission and values while embracing a culture of innovation that has defined MassArt since its founding.  

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We have 20 MassArt Alumni tickets available!

Image created by Midjourney, a free generative AI software, with the following text prompt: "A safe, anodyne and boring piece of art, made explicitly to prevent any kind of risk to a corporation, government, or institution. The most simplistic, pleasing and politically-correct artwork, one that is easy to understand, goes well with everything, and could only make people smile in sympathy. An artwork, so agreeable and "nice", that it could be published by the most objectionable organization and still produce nothing but approval by an audience happy to be entertained once again. A work that functions as a marker of good taste, of high cultural capital, but it is yet somehow not alienating to the masses. Minimalist like an IPhone, but decorative like a Disney cartoon."  Submitted by Professor Abraham Tena

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