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One of the most captivating and unique qualities of Fiber arts is the bringing together of many small elements to make a large whole: combining lines of thread to create a weaving, linking loops to make a crocheted object, sewing lines of many stitches to create a seam, and so many other fiber techniques have this quality of repetition to create a whole.


The diversity of styles and application of techniques in the Fibers department is one of the elements that makes us so strong as a group, and just as the lines of a weaving come together to form a full picture, so do we as a group of artists.


An element of our strength of a group is our closeness as a small major, again mirroring the techniques of Fibers in their connective nature. This show is meant to introduce the larger MassArt community to the work being done in the Fibers major and the breadth and variety of work that falls under the label of Fibers.

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